Our History

Our History | Parthenis Hotels

The rich tapestry of the Parthenis Hotel Group’s history unfolds over decades, woven with a commitment to family, hospitality, and a touch of Italian flair. It all began in 1974 (Parthenis Palace) in Malia, with a humble abode born from a desire to host family and friends. As fate would have it, a business offer they could not turn down elevated the family’s project. Then, Drossia organically developed with just five rooms and Grandma Sofia’s cooking, offering guests genuine Cretan hospitality at a time when no formal hotels existed.

The journey continued with Alta Moda and a clothes boutique between 1979 and 1989, a period marked by the family’s exploration of aesthetic influences in Italy while they were sourcing clothing. The Italian influence is obvious in many sophisticated details of all the Parthenis Hotels Group establishments, and coupled with Greek hospitality, it promises a dynamic duo for anyone’s trip to the island of Crete.

While the family’s ventures began with a view to simply creating something beautiful in the area, they organically grew and expanded due to their genuine ‘filoxenia’ and the boom in tourism over the coming years, making their guest rooms havens for those seeking a touch of luxury infused with familial warmth during their holiday.


Our History | Parthenis Hotels
Our History | Parthenis Hotels

In 2001, the Parthenis Hotels Group expanded its footprint with the introduction of Parthenis Beach, a testament to its enduring commitment to providing exceptional accommodations on Crete. Since then, villas and suites in Malia have been added as the group and family continues to grow. This evolution from a family and friends’ retreat to a distinguished hotel group showcases the Parthenis commitment to hospitality, aesthetics, and the authentic spirit of Crete.

In recent years, our establishments have been undergoing significant transformations, not only to enhance our guests’ experience but also with a strong focus on sustainable development. Our family envisions a future of expansion that seamlessly aligns with our core values of environmental responsibility, ESG principles, and sustainability. This commitment extends beyond our hotels, as we plan to introduce a Greek clothing boutique within the setting of the Parthenis Beach Suites by the Sea. Additionally, recognising the favourable climate conditions, we aim to extend the tourist season, allowing our hotels to welcome guests for more months per year. Embracing sustainable practices and adapting to the evolving hospitality landscape, our family strives to innovate in ways that prioritise guest experiences and the well-being of our planet. ESG and sustainability will increasingly continue to be the guiding force shaping the future of the Parthenis Hotel Group, ensuring that each expansion echoes our enduring commitment to responsible hospitality on Crete.

Today, we are proud to say that the group’s diverse offerings continue to reflect the journey that began in 1974, where every guest is welcomed into the embrace of a long-standing tradition of warmth, care, and an unmistakable touch of Italian elegance. Today, the family’s 3rd generation is waiting to welcome you to Crete, in the same way that their parents and grandparents did: with genuine ‘filoxenia’.

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